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The World of


Aryth is a world dominated by magic and inhabited not only by humans, but by creatures found in mythology and legend. The perils of living on Aryth are mighty, especially with the Danaan witches running amok among the four holy cities.


Cast from Siavon, a paradise world where the Creator, Garric and the porter gods reside, the Danaan sisters have brought their curse upon Aryth, and only a child born with ruby eyes can destroy them and bring peace back to both worlds.


Talla Muro

Siavon is known as the City of Souls, because it lays high above Aryth and is unreachable by mortals, but can be seen in the night sky like a star. It is here that the high elder Garric and the porter gods live. It is the final resting place of souls judged to be worthy upon death.

Nodens is a vastly wooded, wild landscape where the Ruby Child was born and trained. It is here that Crocotta lurks,in a rocky dead plain at the border called End of the Path, where Crocotta allows no green to grow.


The Talla Muro, also known as the Tail of Murias, is an island chain in the Paritan Sea following one large island called Murias, the Talla Muro was a tropical paradise until the mermaid, Sorka began plaguing it with storms. It has since become overrun with pirates.


Before it was taken over by Vetala, it was a holy city where travelers came to meditate and pray. It's been cursed to eternal night, and is now populated by demons, vampires, and werewolves. The citizens have holed themselves up in the salt mines, only coming out for supplies.

Bedivere was considered the Golden City because it is the closest city to Siavon, that is, it is located on the mountain highest above sea level and thus is the highest known peak on Aryth. It was populated only by the most powerful holders of magic, because they were the only ones who were able to get to the peak with their spells. Until Sephora overthrew it, it felt the most influence from Siavon.


Wendoa acts as a purgatory between the worlds of Siavon and Aryth. Only beasts and civilizations that are beast-like such as Centaur and Minotaur can travel to Wendoa without dying. It is possible for a soul to exist in Wendoa for centuries before passing on to the afterlife, depending on the judgement of the Keres, etherial creatures who take them to the next life.

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